We know this is one of the major concerns when it comes to joining and becoming a member. We, ourselves were freelancers, entrepreneurs and self-employed before, so we understand your needs and we kept the cost of our membership packages really reasonable and affordable. That's why our most affordable plan is only Php 6,499.00 per year to get an annual benefit limit of Php 30,000 or you may get our Standalone plan of Php 1,500.00 to get unlimited medical consultations and Php 2,500.00 for our Medical Consultations with emergency care coverage which are all accessible to Big 9 hospitals and Healthway Clinics nationwide.

You may get up to Php 100,000.00 Annual benefit limit per year at a lower cost. You can also enroll a dependent/s.

To check the different plans we offer you may visit our website - bayaniHealth Solo Entrepreneur / Freelancers Plans, Unlimited Medical ConsultationsMedical Consultations + Emergency Care Treatments.


  • Dependent/s will be same plan and rate as principal (30days - 60years old)
  • For Single principal:
    - Parents and/or Siblings may be added
    - BOTH Parents up to 60years old, and/or ALL Single Siblings
    (30days - 22years old)
  • For Married principal:
    - Spouse (up to 60 years old) and ALL Children (30days-22years old) must be enrolled
  • If found that not all dependents were enrolled, health benefits and payments will be voided.