Healthcare Insurance Coverage

  • This is health care plan that lets you to avail of cashless hospitalization and other related medical services up to Php 30,000 Annual Benefit Limit (ABL) set on your membership level during the validity of our membership. Consider this is as your health care coverage primarily for in-patient and out-patient hospitalization needs.
  • Room Type: Ward Room

    How does it work?
  • Your healthcare insurance plan begins on the same day indicated on your health card which is valid for one (1) year.  Where you will use to present to any accredited network of Asianlife & General Assurance Corporation to avail the benefits and coverages just like other HMO providers
  • Use the Asianlife Health Card to avail of in-patient and out-patient services in all accredited hospitals and clinics of AsianLife.
  • Pre-Existing and Congenital conditions will only be covered after the renewal of the contract.

Life Insurance Coverage

  • Your membership with us comes with life Insurance coverage that extends financial assistance to your family in the event of your untimely demise.
  • Your family is guaranteed to receive:
    Php 30,000 death due to Natural Cause
    Php 60,000 death due to Accident